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The sap gives the drinker inhuman powers, explaining the guardians and Polo’s doomed crew. Sully leaves a recovering Elena to Nate. See all. Uncharted 2 to get new multiplayer DLC Including maps based on the original game.



Uncharted 2 beta starts this Wednesday Competitive and co-op playlist details. Tom Holland doesn’t sound thrilled with his performance in the Uncharted movie. The difficulty is therefore very well calibrated, apart from a couple of frustrating moments when you are literally flooded with enemies and bullets from all sides. Cornered, Nate causes an explosion that derails the train over a cliff. Never formally announced, the Special Edition was discovered on the game’s official European launch site, with the only link for the special edition leading to one of Britain’s major game retailers, Game. Procedural Characters Every character unit has stats such as Strength, agility intelligence.