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These are the directory trees that I moved:. Every PC has different keys, so, see to that. This is especially helpful for installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix, which as of this writing September comes by default as an ‘. Email Required Name Required Website. My question: As things stand right now, what’s the best way to put Ubuntu Good luck. Create a free Team What is Teams? Just to prove that I have actually got this running on my netbook: I hope you have found this post of some use.



So what? You may ask. The model of Eee PC that I have is the See the problem? Normally I have no time for the more restrictive desktops like Unity and Gnome 3, preferring the so-called productivity desktops such as Gnome 2 or KDE. However, on such a small netbook the one thing on downloxd screen at a time approach is much more useful.

I chose to stick with Ubuntu узнать больше they had originally supported the device when it first came out and so Unity seemed a logical choice of desktop.

Make sure that you back up any important data before attempting anything. Although I have done my best to sanitise and check what I have said in this post, I will not be held responsible for any damage done as a result of following its advice. This post assumes that freee reader is either familiar with Linux and its command line or a very brave new comer!

I chose LTS tomcat 5.5 download for windows 7 32 bit free I want stability and long-term support, but the choice of server was down to the lack of space. The trouble is when you install a desktop edition it will check to see that you have enough space for the OS, the desktop and the space to download the packages before they are unpacked and installed.

The latter space requirement is only temporary since after a package is installed the rfee. Therefore by installing the server edition of Ubuntu I can install the base operating system, without any desktop, clean up the installation packages, make temporary space available for installing the desktop and then complete the installation.

I chose ext2 as this was the simplest way of not having a journaling file system, always a bad idea on older SSD devices as it increases the amount of writing that goes on. At this point I now had an up to date minimal installation of Ubuntu and something that I could control. However Apt would not allow me ubuntu asus eee pc download free install Unity due to a lack of disk space.

Thus I decided to temporarily move this area to the larger, but slower, SSD device during the installation process. A union file system is one that can be used to join separate directory structures together in one file system. One common use of this technology is to implement a copy on write file system on top ubuntu asus eee pc download free a read-only one. The union ubuntu asus eee pc download free system of choice in Ubuntu is aufs.

Downloqd can install lighter weight desktops like Xfce if you wish or a minimal Unity desktop. Downloar installing the server edition you have control over what desktop packages you install.

For example, one way /9551.txt install a cut down Unity desktop would be to ubuntu asus eee pc download free the following Apt command:. Another alternative would be to remove any unwanted packages after installing Unity. One can find out which packages are consuming the most space by doing:. Do be careful about what you remove though! Also remember to use the apt-get purge command and not the apt-get remove command so as to remove configuration files as well.

I however wanted most if not all of the applications that were installed. In addition I wanted to install a few extra pieces of software. These are the directory trees that I moved:. What is important about these directories is that they contain large amounts of data but are not accessed when running everyday applications. So for example, I relocated the src directory by doing:.

Remember above I said not to create a swap partition? Therefore we need to set up a swap file rather than a partition. This has the advantage of flexibility as we can put it where we want and easily resize it if need be by replacing it in effect. This creates a MiB swap file and then gets the system to start using it.

Please note that I locked down the permissions of the swap file so saus only root has access. This is a sensible and necessary security precaution. So far, touch wood, the only major issue has been the Wifi interface going offline after about five minutes or so. Some investigation and experimentation confirmed that this was a power saving issue.

I resolved this by disabling power saving for the interface by doing:. I suspect the easiest way of preventing this from happening is to black list the relevant Wifi drivers by doing something like:. You may remember that I have previously mentioned union file systems as a way of combining separate file systems into one unified whole. Well these can also be used to create a copy on write file system where any changes are redirected to a RAM disk tmpfs being one such RAM based file system.

This has the effect of preventing writes to the underlying hard disk, with any changes being lost on reboot. Basically you create an area where you mount your tmpfs file systems and then you layer them on top of the underlying disk file systems, such that modifications are redirected to tmpfs. I did this as follows:. The changes will then take effect on the next reboot. Linux will tend to ubunttu fairly aggressively in order to free up as much memory as possible.

One can reduce this so that swapping only occurs when it absolutely has to by doing:. There are a number of services that can be turned off without causing undue effect. Please bear this in mind when looking at the following frse, your requirements may be different from mine. Anyway this is how I disabled these services:. Ok so you have tamed the system services, so what about those processes that get started when you log into your desktop? To remedy this do:.

When you rerun Startup Applications смотрите подробнее should find you now have ubuntu asus eee pc download free much larger list. For me this included backup services, chat, desktop sharing, file sharing, screen reader, update notifier I manually download and install updates when I find it convenient and zeitgeist datahub. It would probably be a good idea to hide user names on the login screen and disable the guest account.

This should be здесь on every Linux installation, otherwise anyone can gain access by rebooting the computer, changing some parameters and gaining access as root.

The securing process is harder than it should be but do persevere. First you need to create a ubuntu asus eee pc download free hashed password and then create the above file with that hash inside it. In this example I have used a password of fluffy so please remember to dpwnload your own password and use your corresponding hash and not the one I have generated below!

Please note that the main preamble can be obtained by copying one of the other files in ubuntu asus eee pc download free directory ссылка на продолжение then /28248.txt it to suit your needs.

Also remember to use your own password hash. We have created rfee Grub2 administration user called admin with a password ubuntu asus eee pc download free fluffy. Ideally we want anyone to be able to boot the system via one of the standard menu options but be unable to do anything else. This can be achieved by adding the –unrestricted option to the relevant menuentry ubuntu asus eee pc download free. When edited correctly that part of the file should look like:.

Most frustrating. This is a really useful forum postdetailing all sorts of goodies that you can add to your desktop.

For the Caps-Lock indicator simply search for keylock. This may be a bit more repetitive than one would expect but the package pulled in some updated dependencies that triggered the apt-get dist-upgrade stages. Incidentally you might ubuntu asus eee pc download free interested to know that apt-get install -f is the command for checking and fixing broken package dependencies. Unfortunately some programs leak memory, the stock video player being awus of them.

In order to prevent excessive swapping I put a cap on how much an individual process can use. This gives ubuntu asus eee pc download free virtual memory for Firefox to run but stops excessive swapping when something starts to leak memory.

Incidentally you can use this site. I have listed here some of the key configuration files and scripts that I have discussed previously. What article would be complete without a blurry picture of the finished result! Just to prove that I have actually got this running on ass netbook:. Great post!! I had an old with the original linux system running and was about to throw it away as I had no clue how to get an up to date system running on it. This guide was perfect and now ede is running the latest ubuntu system.

Sounds downloaf a very familiar story, I was in the exact same situation. Many thanks for this excellent tutorial! I was desperate finding a solution to install Ubuntu on my old eeePC I followed your enlightened advices and it worked flawlessly.

Also, I would like to advise to anyone installing the minimal Unity interface apt-get install —no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop to install at least gnome-terminal and unity-lens-applications too. Odwnload to help. Many thanks for the additional tip about what ubuntu asus eee pc download free install when doing a freee install of Unity. Back up your data or even the fully current installation with a knoppix live cd and ubuntu asus eee pc download free ntfsclone to backup the system, then follow my instructions in the article.

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