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Dec 23,  · A Logo Interpreter for Mac OS X. Logo is a popular language used to teach simple programming by guiding the progress of a ‘turtle’ which moves around a graphics screen. – Some bug fixes.- The ability to vary the Turtle’s speed. Sep 21,  · Download Simple Turtle LOGO for free. Free Educational Tool for Beginner LOGO Coding (STEM Students / Kids) SIMPLE TURTLE ===== Create simple LOGO programs with commands to control the Turtle and draw amazing images!! Use for STEM, Coderdojo or similar coding ing System: Windows. May 05,  · Access a Logo-based programming environment based on the LISP programming language. Work with various types of turtle graphics, 3D computer graphics, create GIF animations via the command gifsave, perform calculations, and manipulate with programs as data. The version of MSWLogo is available as a free download on our software library. /5().