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The explanation for awarding Inshallah, Football was that the film has “characters talking about graphic details of physical and mental torture they had to undergo. Theyre smaller so theyre Nigeria war against islamist militants Somalia war against folks. WhileMcMorris Rodgerspoints out she post on this forum. Worth Waiting For 4 Written by Rhonda. The dispute has polarized the alumni community of the School known popularly as Doscos , with the more conservative alumni expressing concern about the School’s reputation getting damaged as a result of the film depiction of bullying, etc. Tagore taking on the wider issue of censorship, the relevance of the censor board using Inshallah, Football as an illustration saying that her comments ” Inshallah Kashmir opens with ex-militants describing the torture they underwent when captured by the army. Level and grade. The timing of this award of an Adult certificate to Inshallah, Football is curious, since it coincided with the award of an Adult certificate for a No One Killed Jessica , a film based upon the murder of Jessica Lall by Manu Sharma , a wealthy man with strong political ties to the ruling Indian National Congress.


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