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[Solved] How to set processor affinity on an executable in Windows XP? – Code Redirect – Imagecfg.exe download free


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I also have a couple of web services running on the same box IIS and third party. The problem with the all cores being busy is that it makes this third party web server to timeout Жмите works fine though, just slower than usual. I have no control over third party web server, it’s a part of the bigger product and has to be operational. So, I tried to play with processor affinity via SysInternals Process Explorer and limit those pesky processes to 3 cores out of 4 and dedicate the 4th core to the third party web server, and it seems to work quite well.

The problem is that it only sets affinity on the running process and not on imagecfg.exe download free level, so after those processes finish and later respawn as a new processes it’s all the same again – they take all 4 cores. So, I’ve googled about this ImageCfg. One feature of Process Lasso подробнее на этой странице to set the affinity of a process whenever that worms 4 mayhem.exe free is launched. I think you just need to install bit python and bit py2exe on your machine That is, since Vista is now the earliest supported OS, none of the APIs or at least the ones who have had their documentation updated are “supported” on an earlier version, even though they may actually exist and work just fine.

Unfortunately your only way to be sure about the status imagecfg.exe download free an API function or message is to use imagecfg.exe download free old imagecfg.exe download free of the MSDN library one that pre-dates Windows 7 which is I перейти на источник around the time they started updating the minimum version numbers.

How to set processor affinity on an executable in Windows XP? Asked 5 Months ago Answers: 5 Viewed 73 times. Is there a way to stick the affinity to the executable?

Imagecfg.exe download free so I figured out the answer. Andras Zoltan. Max Williams. Only authorized users imagecfg.exe download free answer the question. Please sign in first, or register a free account. Not the answer you’re looking for? Browse other questions tagged : windows-xp. Related Answers. Top Answers Related To windows-xp,executable,processor,affinity.



File Download and Fix For Windows OS, dll File and exe file download. Home Articles. Enter the file name, and select the appropriate operating . Dec 04,  · ImageCFG is available for use with Portable Executable and the change made is permanent. Just today, I tried applying both DUMPBIN (with /LOADCONFIG switch) and ImageCFG on a Managed Application (A very simple console application in C#.Net) and the result is same i.e. I do not see the data requested.