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Metalstorm wingman download for android free –


Metalstorm wingman download for android free


Metalstorm wingman download for android free –


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Careful, though! One touch from any enemy, door, spike, or laser bolt will send the M careening into oblivion! At first glance, this shooter appears only average, but the techniques are new and exciting, opening the doors for a new generation of side scrollers. Ever since the intense antigravity scene in Strider, there has never been a game that utilized the feature so completely and realistically! The feel of “falling” to the ceiling is excellent. This special feature adds a dramatic new weapon to an already impressive arsenal!

Two special techniques in this game are the “jump-and-flip” and the “distance flip. The distance flip requires a player to jump and flip gravity at the last moment.

Get special items this way. What’s nine feet tall, weighs in at 2, pounds, is activated by 1, kilowatts of power and can reverse gravity at will? The “M Gunner,” the most sophisticated weapon available to planet Earth.

Earth is under threat of total annihilation from a renegade computer-operated defense system on the planet Pluto. This station was originally intended to protect Earth from the threat of hostile aliens, but due to some unknown malfunction, it has started destroying other planets in the solar system! A built-in self-destruct mechanism has jammed, so you are being sent to make your way through the battle station “Cyberg,” and attempt to activate it manually.

While this is certainly a new storyline, it’s not exactly a brand new concept for a game. Basically, it fits the tried-and-true mold of fighting through a space fortress, crushing the enemy and defeating the end bosses. There are, however, some distinct differences! In MetalStorm, there are four primary stages and three stages of the computer system itself that stand between either the obliteration or continued existence of Earth.

Each of the stages is divided into two areas, which are inhabited by varying enemies–walking or flying robots, fixed-gun emplacements and jagged, spiked ceilings or floors that must be successfully navigated. Ceiling and floor become more subjective here, however.

By utilizing a special “gravity flip” function, you can, in effect, turn the tables on gravity. Your character flips over and flies in the opposite direction and lands on the first available surface.

Thereafter, jumping is affected accordingly, depending upon where your head is! Your character is armed with a powerful auto-firing laser, which may increase one step in power with the acquisition of the proper power-up.

Other power-ups available include ones for 1-Ups, extra time, a “smart bomb” effect, armor, etc. While shooting prowess is always important, jumping ability combined with manipulation of the gravity-flip ability are imperative for progress into the deeper levels of Cyberg.

Complicating matters further are special levels that may only be traversed in one direction, indicated by arrows that line the level. In some areas, there really isn’t much of a ceiling or floor to orient you. You may simply step off a ledge and continue to fall forever! The levels simply wraparound, and you will often find yourself walking along a floor that only moments before you had seen as a ceiling.

Some system defenses are triggered by your character’s orientation, while others are set up to crush you when you pass between them. The theme of MetalStorm doesn’t break any ground, but does have enough freshness to make it interesting.

Graphically, the game is adequate, although some backgrounds seem somewhat “tiled,” or patterned. The game is fairly challenging, but most of the tricks can be figured out in short order. Things didn’t really get difficult to any extent until over halfway through the game, so anyone should be able to handle the action. Unlimited continues and a password option are available as well, which makes the chances of saving Earth much easier!

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Mar 02,  · MetalStorm: Wingman is a free title on the App Store, and this review could go on for several pages discussing all of the great things about it. Although it relies on in-game purchases to generate revenue, you can still play the game without purchasing credits. Jan 19,  · Metalstorm: Wingman is the successor to the highly successful game Metalstorm: Online. It is a highly addictive flight combat simulator which offers a . Oct 14,  · Download Metalstorm apk for Android. Become an ace pilot! Experience the thrill of realistic air realtime PVP battles6/10(1).