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After you install Windows 8, you may need to install the latest Windows 8 drivers for any hardware that Windows doesn’t have built-in drivers for.

Windows 8 is one of Microsoft’s newer operating systemsso most manufacturers regularly release driver updates for their hardware that are specifically designed for Windows 8. Please contact us if you’ve noticed more recent Windows 8 driver information from a particular manufacturer and we haven’t yet updated this page.

For most hardware, a driver update is not required just because you’ve updated to Windows 8. We still recommend installing the most recent Windows 8 driver for your hardware but don’t worry dree it doesn’t specifically say it’s a Windows 8.

Any Windows 8 drivers for Acer products can be found display driver download for windows 8 free their support site linked below just like their drivers for other operating systems.

Acer’s Upgrade Assistant tool can be used ror see if your computer is a compatible model. Another helpful resource on Acer’s site is their Affected Model Listwhich categorizes their Windows 8 compatible PCs by any issues you might encounter when installing Windows 8. If you’re clean installing Windows 8, which we always recommend, your нажмите для продолжения concern should be the BIOS category. Just because your Acer computer is Windows 8 compatible doesn’t mean Acer necessarily provides any Windows 8 drivers for your computer.

If none are available from Acer, that means Windows 8 probably installs perfectly acceptable drivers during fod. That includes both winrows and mobile GPUs. There are both bit and bit versions of this Windows eriver driver available.

Be sure that you install the correct one for your version of Windows 8. Windows 8 drivers can be downloaded via Display driver download for windows 8 free support site, linked below. Windows 8 drivers for products based on C-Media’s audio chipset are available via their driver download page, linked below. However, Windows 8’s built-in drivers might work best. The Windows 8 drivers linked to here are directly from C-Media. A C-Media chip may be a part of your sound card or motherboard but it’s possible there’s a Windows 8 driver that’s a better displlay for your sound device from your sound card or motherboard manufacturer.

Canon does provide some Windows 8 drivers for their printers, scanners, and multi-function devices, all of which you can download from dricer support site that we’ve linked to here. While Eriver does not seem to keep a display driver download for windows 8 free of their devices that work with Windows 8 out-of-the-box, looking at information on Microsoft’s site and in Windows 8 itself, it appears as though most of their popular printer and scanner models will work perfectly fine display driver download for windows 8 free Windows 8 with the drivers Windows provides.

Windows 8 deiver display driver download for windows 8 free Compaq computers can be downloaded via HP’s support site, linked below. Compaq used to be an independent computer company but is now part of HP. Creative has made available Windows 8 drivers for some of their popular Sound Blaster audio products but many of them are currently beta winows. Creative also lists Windows 8 drivers on their availability chart for other devices from Creative including MP3 playerswebcamsspeakers, headsets, and more.

Windows 8 drivers for Dell computers can be /5695.txt via Dell’s standard support site, linked below. Many of Dell’s most popular printers are already supported in Windows 8. In other words, you won’t need to install a Windows 8 driver for many Dell printers. Dell printers listed as Not supported may display driver download for windows 8 free may display driver download for windows 8 free have a Dell-provided Windows 8 driver.

Check Dell’s standard support site, linked below, for a Windows 8 driver for that printer model. A number of models of Dell color laser printers, monochrome laser printers, and inkjet printers are fully compatible with Windows 8. Windows 8 drivers for a number of eMachine’s notebooks and desktops are available via their normal downloqd site which we’ve linked to below.

Your computer not being listed doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t function properly with Windows 8 installed. Windows 8 drivers for a number of Gateway desktops, notebooks, netbooks, driiver all-in-one computers are available via Gateway’s support widnows, linked below. Gateway lists a number of fully or mostly Windows 8 compatible systems on their Windows Upgrade Offer page.

If your Gateway wiindows is not listed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t work with Windows 8. The default drivers included by Microsoft may work without issue on your computer. Windows 8 drivers for HP freee and desktops including “touch screen” desktops can be downloaded from HP’s standard windowx site, linked deiver.

Many of Ddiver computers have both bit and bit Windows 8 drivers available. Looking for Windows 8 drivers for your HP printer? Any available HP printer drivers for Windows 8 are downloadable from HP’s standard support and drivers page, linked fgee.

The huge majority of printers and scanners manufactured in the several years prior to Windows 8’s release will have a driver included for it in Windows 8 or will have a driver available direct from HP. From HP’s support pageчитать далее can see if your specific HP printer or scanner will work with a Windows 8 driver a driver already installed as part of the operating systemvia an update from Windows Update Windows Update driveror from a Windows 8 driver downloaded directly from HP full-feature driver.

HP’s Printing in Windows 8 page is also very helpful. The latest Intel Chipset Windows driver for Windows 8 is version This update isn’t actually a Windows 8 driver, it’s a collection of INF file updates that help Windows 8 properly identify Intel ffree hardware like USB controllers and other hardware integrated on Intel motherboards.

This single wiindows works with display driver download for windows 8 free bit and bit versions of Windows 8. Windows 8 drivers are available from Intel via their support page, display driver download for windows 8 free below for a number of their devices, including motherboards, graphics processorsnetwork hardware, and more. We have yet to see a nicely organized list of Windows 8 compatible Intel motherboards or other hardware, but we’d expect anything manufactured in the several years prior to the release of Windows 8 to be fully drier.

Windows 8 drivers for hardware included in Lenovo desktop and laptop computers can be downloaded via Lenovo’s support site, linked below. There are Lenovo computers that they have determined are display driver download for windows 8 free with Windows 8. A number of Lexmark laserinkjet, and dot matrix printers are fully compatible with Windows 8. Most of Lexmark’s printers are display driver download for windows 8 free supported by Windows 8 driver, meaning a driver perfect for your Lexmark printer came included with Windows 8.

A few others require Windows 8 drivers made by Lexmark, which you can whatsapp for win 8 free by locating the page for your printer from Lexmark’s support site, linked below. Microsoft fr just make operating systems like Windows 8.

They also sell hardware like mice, keyboards, webcams, and more. Windows 8 drivers for Microsoft’s products can all be found via the individual product pages found on their Microsoft Hardware Software Downloads page. Microtek’s newer scanners and other products have Windows 8 drivers available, all of which are available from their support link below.

Microtek has no plans to release Windows 8 drivers for their older, but very popular scanners. If you have an older Microtek scanner that has a Windows 7 driver дело!

pencil drawing program download free есть, try that. If you have problems with these drivers, or your system isn’t listed as a supported by them, check with the actual hardware maker. Both bit and bit versions of this Windows 8 driver are available. It’s possible there’s driverr better Windows 8 driver for your Realtek HD powered sound card or motherboard than these drivers.

Check for a driver package from your sound card or motherboard maker if you have problems with these drivers in Windows 8.

Windows 8 drivers for Samsung tablets, notebooks, desktops, and all-in-one computers can be downloaded via Samsung’s support site, linked below. Windows 8 drivers for Sony notebook or desktop PCs can be downloaded via Sony’s eSupport site, linked below. Sony /24087.txt has a Windows dsplay Upgrade page with information about Sony computers and Windows 8, including a tool to see if Windows 8 drivers are available for your specific Sony computer. If you see the Congratulations!

Sony will not provide any support or drivers for installation of Windows 8 on this model. The message, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Windows 8 won’t install or work properly on your computer with Microsoft-provided drivers. It just windows 8 64 bit download italiano crack free that Sony won’t be actively supporting Windows 8 on your PC.

Windows 8 drivers for Toshiba now called Dynabook laptop computers can be downloaded via Toshiba’s standard support site, linked below. Toshiba also keeps a list of laptops that they’ve successfully tested with Windows 8: Computers tested and supported by Toshiba for an upgrade to Windows 8. Windows 8 drivers for hardware that display driver download for windows 8 free VIA’s audio, networking, graphics, and card reader chipsets are available from their software download for windows 7 free driver download page which we’ve linked to below.

These Windows 8 drivers are directly from VIA, a chipset manufacturer. A VIA disllay may be a part of your computer’s motherboard or other hardware but VIA did not manufacture the device as a whole, just the chipset. Because of that, it’s possible that frer actual computer or device manufacturer has a better Windows 8 driver for your VIA-based device than VIA does.

Try using a Windows 7 driver instead. While we can’t guarantee this will work, it often display driver download for windows 8 free considering how closely frwe Windows 7 and Windows 8 are. Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data. Select personalised content. Create a personalised content profile. Measure ad performance. Select basic ads.

Create a personalised ads profile. Select personalised ads. Apply market research to generate audience insights. Measure content performance. Develop and improve products. List of Partners vendors. By Dowjload Fisher. Tim Fisher. Tim Fisher has more than disllay years’ of professional disp,ay experience.

He’s been writing about tech for more than two decades and dodnload as the VP and General Manager of Lifewire. Reviewed by Dowmload Kormos. Jessica Kormos is a writer drivfr editor with 15 years’ experience writing articles, copy, and UX content for Tecca. Tweet Share Email. Was this page helpful?


Display driver download for windows 8 free –


Keeping Windows Update on is a good way to make sure your devices continues to work properly and you get the best experience with them. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings , and then tap Change PC settings.

If you’re using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, click Settings , and then click Change PC settings. Tap or click Update and recovery , and then tap or click Windows Update.

Under Important updates , choose Install updates automatically recommended. If your device came with a disc, it might contain software that installs a driver. Before you install a driver from a disc, check the info that comes with it to be sure it supports your current version of Windows. You can also search for new drivers on the manufacturer’s website. Driver updates are often available in the support section of their website. Download the latest driver for your device, and follow the installation instructions on the website.

You can usually double-tap or double-click the downloaded file to install the driver on your PC. If the driver you got from a disc or downloaded from a website doesn’t install itself, you might need to install manually.

Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search. If you’re using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, and then click Search. Enter Device Manager in the search box, and tap or click Device Manager.

In the list of hardware categories, double-tap or double-click the category your device is in and then double-tap or double-click the device you want. For example, to see your video card, tap or click Display adapters , and then double-tap or double-click the video card name. Tap or click the Driver tab, tap or click Update Driver , and then follow the instructions.

You might be asked for an admin password or to confirm your choice. Occasionally, you might see a notification that a driver is unsigned, has been changed since it was signed, or can’t be installed by Windows.

We recommend that you don’t install unsigned or changed drivers. A digitally signed driver includes a digital signature, which is an electronic security mark that indicates the publisher of software and whether someone has tampered with it since it was signed.

If a driver has been signed by a publisher that has verified its identity with a certification authority, you can be confident that the driver comes from that publisher and hasn’t been changed. If you see any of the following notifications when you’re installing a driver, you should stop the installation and go to your device manufacturer’s website to get a digitally signed driver for your device.

The driver doesn’t have a digital signature or has been signed with a digital signature that wasn’t verified by a certification authority. You should only install this driver if you got it from the manufacturer’s disc or from your system administrator. The driver hasn’t been digitally signed by a verified publisher. The driver might have been changed to include malware that could harm your PC or steal info.

In rare cases, legitimate publishers do change drivers after they’ve been digitally signed, but you should only install an unsigned driver if you got it from a device manufacturer’s disc. Unfortunately, there’s no trustworthy source of info that indicates who has published an unsigned driver. Anyone can change the contents of an unsigned driver, and there’s no way to know why it was changed. Most manufacturers now digitally sign the drivers they create before releasing them to the public.

A driver that lacks a valid digital signature, or has a signature that was changed after it was signed, can’t be installed on bit versions of Windows. Given below are some of the substantial reasons to keep your HP laptop driver updated:. In this section of our guide, we have elucidated both manual and automatic methods to perform HP laptop driver downloads and update on Windows 10 and previous versions of the OS. Pro Tip: The manual process to update drivers on HP laptops can take up your valuable time and require a certain level of computer skills.

Hence, we recommend you proceed with the automatic method if you want to update your drivers safely, without too much hassle. Given below are the steps that you can follow to manually download and install HP drivers update through the HP support center. Windows Device Manager is another effective place through which you can manually download and install the latest HP laptop driver update.

Once the update is installed, you can restart the laptop to complete the process. They can use the following method to save themselves the task of going through such a tech-like process. Automatic third-party software like Bit Driver Updater is their savior in this case.

They can anytime take the help of such programs and avoid brainstorming tasks. The software is considered the most competent driver updating tool available on the marketplace currently. It is capable of performing thorough driver scans and installing the latest WHQL certified driver updates automatically in just a couple of mouse clicks.

Below are the simple steps you need to implement in order to install the HP driver updater using the Bit Driver Updater program. Through this post, we shared some quick and easy ways to download HP laptop drivers for free on Windows 10 and older versions of the operating system. However, if you wish to gift yourself some peace of mind by not indulging in the complex process of searching for driver updates and downloading them, then Bit Driver Updater is your sole option left.

The software automatically looks out for the latest version and starts running the update which is by far the fastest method to update your HP laptop driver.

We hope that this article served its purpose. If you have any queries regarding drivers or any suggestions, then use the comments section to share them with us. Sign me up for the newsletter!


In Softonic we scan all the files hosted on our platform to assess and avoid any potential harm windwos your device. Several of fod drivers listed below may be automatically pre-installed during the Windows 8. Keep a copy of all installed drivers Double Driver is a free utility tool to back up system drivers. Display driver download for windows 8 free a personalised content profile. To make sure /46416.txt data and your privacy are safe, we at FileHorse check all software installation files each time software download for windows 8 new one is uploaded to our servers or linked to remote server.