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Download need for speed 2 se full version for pc free –


Download need for speed 2 se full version for pc free


Dec 25,  · Need for Speed Underground 2 PC Game Full Setup Free Download. Need for Speed Underground 2 is an arcade-style racing game that improves upon the original with more race modes and competitive drifting. NFSU2 has big shoes to fill, and it does so admirably, with vastly improved graphics, new gameplay modes, and an improved interface. Need For Speed 2 SE is a full version free pc game that you can download with a direct link. Need For Speed 2 SE was released on April 30, May 31,  · Game Link: I will show you how to download and install .



The 3Dfx graphics in this game are super, rivaling the very best in any racing game. The tracks and the cars are beautiful and detailed, and the physics of the action is realistically portrayed I love watching a car spin out or flip over, for example.

Moving objects in the background such as planes and windmills add to the fun. Seeing rain and mud splatter the windshield while racing is another really nice visual feature. However, one inexplicable limitation is that if you use 3Dfx support you cannot view the race using the Heads-Up Display via the In-Car Cam; given that the manual claims that this is the most realistic view, this omission seems inexcusable.

Moreover, there is still some room for improvement in the graphics, as for example in the replays the wheels on the cars do not turn and when viewed at some angles the cars look distorted. Both the music and sound effects are excellent in this game. The tunes are clear, adrenaline-pumping and varied, and the sound effects are very realistic.

Unlike some racing games, vocal effects are neither overbearing nor obnoxious. The documentation in this game is of very high quality. A comprehensive page manual with black-and-white photographs nicely explains the game menus, options, and intricacies of game play, and a separate reference manual details how to install the game and how to deal with technical problems. Both are better written and organized than most game documentation. A 3Dfx graphics accelerator card is highly recommended for this special edition of this game.

I am the first to admit that I have a strange taste in racing games, as up until testing the Need for Speed series my favorites in this category have been Ubi Soft’s POD due to its incredibly gorgeous surrealistic tracks and — to a lesser extent — Interplay’s Whiplash 3D due to the creatively swirling track design.

Having thoroughly tested for Speed II SE , I can say confidently that it is right up there with the very best not just in terms of graphics and sound but, most importantly, in terms of pure enjoyment I only wish that Electronic Arts would follow Ubi Soft’s great policy on releasing many extra cars and tracks on its website to provide continuously changing variants to the races.

I give this polished game my unqualified recommendation for purchase. Browse games Game Portals. The Need for Speed 2: Special Edition. Install Game. It only runs properly in a window, but dgVoodoo2’s control panel allows you to force a larger window size. Jai 0 point. Zahoor Ahmad -1 point. This game is very older but interesting.

I have run it on widows Xp. Lets play on windows. Thanks you for giving data of this game. Syed 0 point. Masterjedi 1 point. Best racing game ever! The newer games can’t compare to the classic. Watch out for that T-Rex! Thanks for uploading this game :. Hamid khan 0 point. AnklaX 0 point. I can run the game but I want a little more. I want the whole game with soundtracks and videos.

It crashes the game. If I copy those files and choose to not overwrite, I see no changes. Is there a way to get the whole game? Hey I just want to point out, if you have any trouble mounting the BIN file, you can use AnyBurn to convert it to a mountable ISO file, the program is free and without restrictions.

ALI 4 points. Ammar Ch 0 point. This is my favorite old game i am many time find this game butt it cold not find this game so this game best game. Hi Everybody, I did not find out file glide. If know so give me suggestion. Jami 0 point. Wow, superb game, such a brilliant game, Its my old game, I was played this game when i child. Now i have downloaded again this game and play again. Bantu 2 points. This is the first car racing game which I played in the first computer of my family I looking for this a long time now finally i can have it.

Tanim -5 points. Dutit Arnav 1 point. Roman Swati -2 points. I want need for speed game for the last 8 years kindly tell me how i can download it for windows 10 I am from Pakistan i shall be very thankfull to u for this act of your kindness Thanks.

Muhammed Ijaz -3 points. Jerry 1 point. Sallu Bhai 1 point. Arv 1 point. If you encounter problems please refer to the reference card”. Any ideas for next steps please..??? Husnain ahmed -1 point. Tim 2 points. The Windows 10 patch didn’t work for me. And when I try and open autorun. Grumpy 2 points. Noob -4 points. Im a total noob can someone help??

FAHAD 1 point. TehStig 3 points. On christmas that year I got the full game and I played it a lot. Sharmin Binte 0 point. Harrdwaree 0 point. Tray 3 points. Syeda Laiba Zahra 2 points. Naveen Kumar -1 point. AHMAD 0 point. Rebel 1 point. Giganag 1 point. Thanks masters. Goods instructions, very clear.

It’s running perfect. Regards :. Toqeer 0 point. So what is the problem. I use windows Madu -1 point. Very likely, one of our server crashed–which means Need for Speed 2 special Edition’s crack operations team is frantically fixing it so you can play games. Try back in few minutes. Arcane error code :0x I have tried so many times but not resolved this erro.

Harindra 0 point. I have tried so many times but not resolved this error. Hiwa 0 point. Bebo Sheikh 0 point. Guzo-San -1 point. It works, but sometimes it hangs, usually on the loading screen but sometimes while driving. Not really sure why it does that. APPU -2 points. Trying to install but not start the process by error disc is not found.

Please help how to install the game. Please reply on my main kavindraravi gmail. Jai Chandra K A -1 point. I love this game and its my lovable memory.

Awesome graphics with background music and sounds. Waiting to play. Kaishar 1 point. Now, I am downloading this game I hope this game is good more than GTA Vice city. Rana Kashif 1 point. Taha 0 point. Assasins’s -1 point. Sahil -5 points. Please tell me how to install its showing errors When I am starting setup it’s showing use cd rom. After completing all the above instructions, when I open “nfs2sea.

Is that the problem with my computer memory? Is there any idea to fix it? Pls help. Jibran Ahmed 2 points. ScienceLover 1 point. How can i install this game, I have installed RIP version but showing some error with code when i run setup..

Anyone know how to get this to work on Windows 10?? It just locks up after the initial screen. King -1 point. Best game ever Miss u nfs ii. GamerBoyX -2 points. D Gamer 0 point. I like to play it since i was in 4th grade Usman Ali 0 point. Jux 0 point. Francisco Junior -1 point. It worked normally here. Need to put in compatibility mode with Win And run in Administrator mode. Tamabe 0 point. Hey dude what is the difference between Rip and Iso?

Backstreetboy -5 points. Hasnain 0 point. SEntimental 0 point. Very likely, one of our servers crashed–which means Need for Speed 2 Special Edition’s crack operations team is frantically fixing it so you can play games. Try back in a few minutes. Arcane error code: 0x BUBU 2 points. Old memories! I prefer Porsche though as it has not only more cars but also TONS of customizations and the handling and car physics are pretty darn realistic, even for standards!

Ace -5 points. Santos Monjane 1 point. Shammah 1 point. I love this game and I enjoy it more than the recent NFS games thanks. MANAN -1 point. Dani -2 points. CHAND -1 point. George -7 points. Bobi -2 points.

Amoh Rutto 1 point. Haris 0 point. Majid khan 0 point. Rolan Gayen 1 point. I have waited for days, still getting this message while I am running the exe file We’re having difficulty connecting you to Need For Speed 2 Special Edition! Swalih 0 point. My favourite forever.. Hafeez 1 point.

Munu -2 points. This game Remembering my childhood memories JFK 2 points. For me the settings dont save.

Anybody have same issue? Otherwise great title, brings out childhood memories. Snk 0 point. Shiva 1 point. Ravi -7 points. Ajith 1 point. Amazing game i like to play dis game often even after i grew up since from childhood iam playing this super and moreover amazing game. Nishit 1 point. I’m extremely happy! Thank you so much!! Behru 2 points. MAHIR -1 point. Thanku Very Much!!!!

Sani 1 point. This game is one of my favorite game Shahzaib -1 point. Please help game install bt no start please help please please please please please please main as game ko 3 year s start karny ki koish kar rha hun please help. Davie 2 points. Harsh 1 point. Esh 4 points. RIND 2 points. Rushi 1 point. Bman 1 point. Runs amazingly on my Windows 10 computers.