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What’s EverSQL? The UI is very easy and intuitive to use. Free and open source, with a large community of contributors and followers. Supports SQL auto completion. Dark mode by default. Easy navigation between tabs. The software is very quick, and we ran into no lags or crashes. Allows to save queries and name them for future use.

Cons: Some database are not yet supported, so it can’t be used as an all-in-one database IDE. Advanced database management capabilities such нажмите чтобы узнать больше restoring SQL dumps or data migration capabilities are not yet available. There is currently no plugins system supported, to no community enhancements are available.

Free to download, licensed under GPL. In some cases, the entire application has to be killed. Price: Free for basic usage. Visual schema and query builder. Cons: The software is sometimes нажмите сюда some users report software crashes. Price: Free. Portable version is available for download, so you can use it without administrative privileges, nor download mysql import for windows free installation. Full database user management and privileges management options.

Automate connections via command line utility. Great syntax checks and auto completion features. Requires Wine for Linux.

No official storyboard software download windows 8 free for Mac OS. Built in query download mysql import for windows free that allows to profile the query and compare it with other queries. Debug your query, step by step, using the known watch, call stack and breakpoint concepts. GUI query builder and download mysql import for windows free builder. Drag and drop to build your own custom queries and database schema. Good syntax completion and checker.

Backup wizard that allows to schedule database backups. Allows storing code snippets. Good support for running large SQL files without opening them. Cons: The full version has a high price tag on it, so not everyone will be /15702.txt to afford it.

Very basic JSON viewer for example, no ways to collapse or expand blocks of data. Users report that in some cases the auto complete feature stops working, whenever many connections are opened. Schedule database jobs – backup, restore, run источник статьи and more.

Visual schema and query builders. Syntax completion and checker. The premium version allows collaboration with team mates – share queries, connections and more.

Cons: High price point for the professional version. Visually design the schema tables, constraints and queries. Schedule tasks like backup, restore, email notifications and more. Personalize the look and feel with themes. The user interface is very customize-able. Fast and stable. Good data and schema sync tools.

The Ultimate version comes with a good data comparison tool. Some users report occasional software crashes. Lack of support download mysql import for windows free databases other than MySQL. No native support for Linux or Mac. No drag and drop support between multiple tabs.