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Dishonored is an immersive first-person action game that casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. Pursue your enemies under the cover of darkness or ruthlessly download dishonored pc free them head on with weapons download dishonored pc free. The outcome of each mission plays out based on the choices you make. Dishonored is set in Dunwall, an industrial whaling city больше информации strange steampunk inspired technology and otherworldly forces coexist in the shadows.

You are the once-trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. Framed for her murder, you become an infamous assassin, known only dowload the disturbing mask that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, when the city is besieged by plague pc cleaner 2012 trial free ruled by disuonored corrupt government armed with industrial technologies, dark forces conspire dishonoreed bestow upon you abilities beyond those of any common man — but at what cost?

The truth behind your betrayal is as murky as the waters surrounding the city, and the life frre once had is gone forever. Dishonored 2. Approach each assassination with your own style of play.

Use shadow and sound to your advantage to make your way silently through levels unseen by foes, or attack enemies head-on as they respond to your aggression. The flexible combat system allows you to creatively combine your abilities, supernatural powers and gadgets as you make your way through the levels and dispatch your targets.

Improvise and innovate to define your play style. The world of Dishonored reacts нажмите сюда how you play. Move like a ghost and resist corruptionor show no mercy and leave a path of destruction in your wake. Decide your approach for each mission, and the outcomes will change as a result. System Requirements.

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