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Very quietly Microsoft has released two new patches available for the Bulldozer platform. This is what Adam Kozak a product marketing manager at AMD had to say, “Some of you may remember that AMD FX processors use a unique dual-core module architecture codenamed “Bulldozer”, which current versions of Windows 7 were not specifically architected to utilize.

In essence, for those with an AMD FX Processor, for example, Windows 7 sees bulldozer patch windows 7 download free eight available cores and randomly assigns threads to them. In essence, threads now get assigned to their own module first. This will prevent Windows 7 shutting down unused cores prematurely when there are threads to be assigned there’s a performance penalty parking and then un-parking a core.

Below you’ll find links to the patches: Patch 1 Patch 2. The FX is not a bad product. It is a new design and it has some quirks. Glad to see they are working to resolve these quirks.

I hope these updates the task scheduler fixes the issue I have with Deus Bulldozer patch windows 7 download free. So who is willing to do an extensive test to see if or what kinda of improvements there are.

Bring on the benches. As for this product being a failure, it isn’t. For your everyday user, the new FX chips will get the job done. The only failure was fanboys pumping this chip up as the second coming of Athlon, the Intel slaying super processor. Didn’t live up to the hype, but it’s a decent chip with a full-featured modern platform. But, if you are a gamer and want the absolute best FPS, get an ik.

It all comes down to Intel having hyperthreading and AMD bulldozer patch windows 7 download free because they cant patients,copyright blah blah. This CPU was to designed to fight that and its not fairing so well on its first go round. I was amd only since my amd oced No further comment D4S4 omfg here we go again Yet it seems surprising to you that the 2 part patch is now bulldozer patch windows 7 download free This news is to new for google.

Just like last time we are the first to break the story. Fixed again. Got both updates mirrored here. Nice windows score! I got нажмите чтобы прочитать больше. TheLaughingMan techtard Bring on the benches.

But, if you are a gamer and want the absolute best FPS, wait for an ik. Fixed Really fixed.


AMD Opteron / AMD Opteron Bulldozer. Currently, the CPU scheduling techniques that are used by Windows 7 and Windows Server R2 are not optimized. AMD Bulldozer hotfix from Microsoft · Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server R2 SP1 · Microsoft Windows Vista DirectX 11 update · Microsoft. 1) Download the scheduler update (KB) and install. This will tell the scheduler that your AMD FX processor contains dual-core modules (in fact this is.