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Once the programming or reading has started it must not be interrupted! Don t turn ignition off before display shows Turn ign. You ll notice that PPC increases the performance of your car considerably. With the unique PPC concept /10133.txt can tune your own car in minutes without any mechanical operation! The technology behind PPC is highly advanced, but bsr ppc3 sync download free management is very easy.

You can change between tuning and the manufacturer s original software as often as you want. PPC Tuning System gives you an opportunity to update the tuning and original software via the Internet. This tuning concept is developed by BSR and it s world unique. Enclosed equipment PPC comes with all necessary accessories. The MMC card is blocked, so you can t store any other information on it.

Store it in a place free from dust and vibrations. Do not store it near strong magnetic fields. Cars with BSR Stage can be run on EU 95 Bsr ppc3 sync download free 90 if it s по этой ссылке see instruction bookbut the result is increased fuel consumption and less power than indicated. Diesel cars: use high quality diesel. E drive carefully first 5 minutes after refuelling, when system is adapting. Press till it clicks when connecting the cable to PPC.

Don t connect PPC to the computer and car at the same time! Press the Menu button to change function in the display browse through the menu functions. Press the Enter button to select the displayed function. MMC card shall always be inserted in the card holder. Never pull it out! The card is blocked and it works only with your PPC. You might also find bsr ppc3 sync download free in front of or behind the gear stick.

Don t have PPC connected to the car while driving. Disconnect PPC from the car when the programming is finished. Bsr ppc3 sync download free Vectra under the ashtray 6. Time is stated in minutes and is approximate. Leave the car untouched during the programming. If the car doesn t /42838.txt after the programming, please perform the programming Tune car once bsr ppc3 sync download free. If the problem remains then contact BSR support.

Preparation before the tuning Check that the car is properly serviced and that no warning lamps are lit. If anything is wrong with the car it should first be taken to a car repair shop. Make sure car battery is fully charged, if any doubt connect a battery charger. Only use fuel according to the instructions on page 4, headline Fuel. Cell phone might cause interference.

Please по ссылке or turn it off. Go for a drive so that the engine reaches normal temperature before tuning. For automatic gearboxes, gear selector shall be in position P before tuning. Turn ignition on Ignition is in the 2:nd position, when all control lamps are lit and before the starter motor gets activated. Connect PPC to the diagnostic outlet see page 6.

Follow the diagram on next page Saab T7: Orange squares only apply to Saab and Saab of previous generation. These have a control system called Trionic 7, or T7. See special instructions on page Saab TiD: Disconnect the low beams by removing the fuse shown on page Please, do this before you start the programming no reminder is shown in PPC s display.

On some cars with magnetic ignition lock e. When PPC shows Turn ign. After this you bsr ppc3 sync download free remove the key. VAG 1. The cooling fan must be disconnected bsr ppc3 sync download free you start programming with PPC. See more details and pictures of how to disconnect the cooling fan on page If you get the message Read car?

Programming menu Return to orig? Programming menu Read car? Please wait Done, please unplug PPC. Please, synchronize PPC via the Internet after you have tuned your car.

This is so we can offer you the best and quickest support. Do this when PPC shows Disconnect fan, enter when ready see page 9.

Remove the two fuses, then press Enter. The pictures show which fuses, and where they bsr ppc3 sync download free located. Saab Saab low beams low beams Remove fuse no. The cooling fan must be disconnected before you start programming with PPC!

This is to prevent that the car battery loses all power, which would interrupt the programming. Restore it after the programming. The pictures below show how to disconnect the cooling fan. Remove the cover. Separate the lower electric connector. Disconnect this cable and protect it from touching other cables arround it.

Restore cable and cover after the programming. When the connector is separated the fan will bsr ppc3 sync download free start. It s done to save ссылка. Restore connector and cover after the programming. Nothing is wrong with your PPC when this happens! PPC Tuning System has an advanced safety system that guarantees that your car always gets the right software installed.

Bsr ppc3 sync download free PPC discovers that the tuning software and the car s original software are not compatible, the safety system steps in and the message Read car?

On the basis of that BSR customizes a new tuning software. Turn ignition off and disconnect PPC bsr ppc3 sync download free the car. Now you shall update PPC via the Internet.

You can now tune your car, and you don t have to continue with item below. If Read car? Read the car s software follow instructions on page When Read bsr ppc3 sync download free Turn off current consumers such as radio, AC, headlight, defroster, seat heating etc.

Reading must not нажмите для деталей interrupted! You don t have to inform BSR about this! BSR produces a customized tuning software When BSR s technicians has received the software, a tuning software customized bsr ppc3 sync download free your car will be produced. This normally takes working days. You ll get an when the new tuning software is ready, then you can download it. Tune your car follow instructions on page Now Tune car?

Programming menu Tune car? Источник fan, enter when ready Reconnect fan, enter when ready In this menu you can 1 tune your car, 2 return your car to original settings and 3 read the software of the car. Turn ignition off without removing the key. Then press Enter. Turn ignition on. Wait a few seconds. PPC communicates with the car and checks a lot of information, among others that tuning and original software match. Choose Tune car? The time required depends on the car model, see page 7.

Choose Return to orig?



transfer between PPC 3 and BSR’s server via the Internet is now faster, and is handled by the new program PPC Sync 3. With this program you can download. Free ppc sync bsr download software at UpdateStar – Backup and Sync is a simpler, speedier and extra reliable method to shield the information and. 20 Update PPC via the Internet PPC Sync PPC Sync is the program you need when you want to download updated software to your PPC or send your car s original.