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This is a simplified version of the programming language Logo. Use it to draw shapes by moving the turtle arrow around the screen using the following commands:. Many other online mathematical activities are available free at Transum Software. Logo is a simple programming language devised by Seymour Papert for acs logo download for windows free purposes. Students can control the movement of a ‘turtle’ which draws lines on the screen.

Students learn about lengths and angles while creating diagrams and patterns. The learning takes place as students experiment, get feedback and revise their actions in a non-judgmental environment. Students develop a much acs logo download for windows free understanding of angles being an amount of turning than they do from more traditional, static exercises. Logo is a wonderful application to use when learning about the properties of shapes and angles.

Using the repeat command to draw a triangle usually results in a significant and poignant learning moment as students acs logo download for windows free the difference between the internal and external angles. You can find in the left panel above instructions and a series of challenges for the student who has not used Logo before.

Click the blue buttons acs logo download for windows free move acs logo download for windows free the challenges. Students can use the snipping tool to capture pictures of their work which they can paste into their notes. Please send Transum pictures of anything magnificent you produce with this application or dracula la download pc free your programming. Awesome Fireworks:. A great way to create shapes and many other amazing images.

I particularly liked the spectacular fireworks This was really useful but maybe you could put some hints in, because challenge ten was really difficult for someone my age. I assume if you mix yellow and blue it might make green but I haven’t по ссылке yet. Repeat [pc 1 fd 20 rt 89 pc 2 fd 20 rt 89] makes a acs logo download for windows free with a mixture of hues including purple.

Acs logo download for windows free [pc 1 fd 5 rt 44 pc 2 fd 5 rt 44 pc 3 fd 5 rt 44 pc 4 fd 5 rt 44 pc 5 fd 5 rt 44 acs logo download for windows free 0 fd 5 rt 44] makes по ссылке most epic circle in the history of the universe! Also, try do repeat [pc 4 fd 5 rt 35 pc 2 fd 5 rt 35] to make the Fire Circle.

I really love this website especially the colors in it. But, I’m stuck on challenge number I can make the stems and the little triangle on the bottom, but I cant make the flowers. But the really cool thing is that if you start out with the normal color which is gray and do “repeat 50 [fd 5 bk 5] it makes it darker. This is so funny, thank you very much! And this one makes a happy smiley! All the colours available Hi there can you please help me to create those flowers on challenge 10 anyone?

Great to be able to use Logo online without needing to install anything. Should the “turtle” move with the drawn line? The problem was caused by an incomplete software upgrade. Thanks acs logo download for windows free взято отсюда for letting us know.

The problem has now been corrected. Repeat [pc 2 fd 5 rt 89 pc 4 fd 10 rt 89 pc acs logo download for windows free fd 15 rt 89] Makes the most epic circle :. Pu rt fd 10 lt pd fd 15 repeat 90[fd 5 bk 5 rt 4] That is how you do 1 flower for challenge 10, a bundle of flowers, configure it all you want, give it colour, add the bundle rotation, or show off to your friends.

I really loved this. I use the computer a lot and I also use this website a lot so for me all of the challenges were easy and also I like experimenting the different things I can make.

We started learning how to use Logo back in grade 8. And so, I used repetitive capability to make fun shapes like this one: “repeat [fd 5 bk 5 rt 3]” Try for yourself. This tool is a powerful designing operator, I would waste hours of my day punching commands that return fabulous sketches!! I used to be able to create procedures and they were stored on this great, really useful website. However, they’ve disappeared and I can’t create any more.

Is 2 despicable free download game pc for me minion rush a problem? Logo is on the plan to be updated later this year. To get an awesome shape type in this code repeat 99 [ fd 12 rt fd /26087.txt lt fd 15]. Repeat [pc 2 fd 14 rt pc 14 bc 10 lt pc 10 fd 15] it makes really cool stuff.

Remembering Logo classes in the 2nd and 3rd grades of grammar school. I spend 10 hours on this a night, therefor I need more challenges to do in all my spare time. I would like you to take this into consideration thankyou.

Do this boss thing: pc 12 repeat 90 [fd 10 rt 89 fd 10 rt 88 fd 10 rt 87 fd 10 rt 86]. Do: repeat 90 [fd 10 rt acs logo download for windows free fd 10 rt 88 fd 10 rt 87 fd 10 rt 86 fd 10 rt 85 fd 10 rt 84 fd 10 rt 83 fd 10 rt acs logo download for windows free fd 10 rt 81 fd 10 rt 80]for the most epic thing ever. This makes and such an awesome shape I don’t know what to call it. Repeat 70[fd 12 rt 90 fd 12 lt fd 13 lt fd 7] Makes a spiked circle. Cs pu fd 10 rt pd repeat 5 [fd 10 lt 72 fd 10 rt ] makes a 5 pointed star.

Repeat 90[fd 12 rt 90 bk 4 lt 75 fd 13 bk 12 rt 90 fd 12 rt 60 fd 15 bk 20] makes a spiky circle thing. I am really struggling with Challenge 10 so if anybody could help me out that would be great thanks. So, back in that time the best I made was a circle that erases himself after drawing, then advance and then draw and erase again, so it was an animation, a circle that pass from side to side of the screen, that was the max my computer can handle, in this acs logo download for windows free I acs logo download for windows free make the base, but I cant find the way to erase before drawing Try repeat [pc 1 fd 10 rt pc 2 fd 5 rt ] and /13614.txt wil make a awesome circle.

Try repeat [pc 2 fd 20 rt pc 14 fd 20 rt pc 10 fd 20 rt pc 4 fd 20 rt ] to make something. Can anyone help – my son wants to copy and paste his design into word. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you. Well done Class 6 at Dunston Primary and Nursery School who have been learning to code to make shapes and turns.

HI Ryan! Repeat [fd 7 rt 45 bk 7] creates a brilliant piece of code resulting in a really good shape. Thank you for your wonderful website. I am working on a project that has used your tool to great effect. Is that the case or can the turtle move in decimal distances? Online logo is limited to integers. If you type in “repeat 99[rt 81 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10] it makes a cool but weird shape.

Hi there we are going to show you a very cool that we found out. We hope that you enjoy it. Try: repeat 20[ pc 12 fd 10 pc 5 pc 14 rt 80] makes epic colorful spiked circle. Is it possible to have a wait command, like the old Logo, to watch the pen draw? Transum: Thank you for your question AV. There is a wait command but it is only available in Levels 2 and 3.

Go to Level 2 and type the following to see the wait command in action: repeat 8[fd 30 wait 60 rt 45]. I wish you can see the awesome design I made by repeating this.

Be sure to try this one! To make a awesome circle: cs ct pu rt fd 15 rt pd repeat 75 [fd 20 rt fd 30 rt ]. Here is the code of a flower in challenge repeat [fd 10 bk 10 rt 5] It really works! I spent all day working on challenge 10! If you type this code in the input box in level 1 then you will see a mind-blowing flower!!! Here is the code: repeat [ pc 5 fd 20 pc 2 bk acs logo download for windows free rt 20 pc 14 fd 5 pc 2 bk 2.

After reading others ideas I just created my own : Try repeat [pc 0 fd 5 rt 30 pc 1 fd 2 lt 90 pc 2 bk 8 rt 4 pc 3 fd 1] Better make your own afterwards it feels amazing!!!! This is so nostalgic! Takes me back to the 1st and 2nd grade days writing new logo commands everyday and waiting a whole week for вот ссылка computer class to get to run those commands!

Do you have any comments? It is always useful to receive feedback and helps make this free resource even more useful for those learning Mathematics anywhere in the world.

Click here to enter your comments. Linking our work on angles by using Transum logo to create shapes acs logo download for windows free P6F. Level 1 – Basic use of Logo commands to draw shapes. Level 2 – Some more Logo commands to draw more complex shapes. Level 3 – Use Logo procedures to draw more complex diagrams. More on Angles including lesson Starters, visual aids and investigations.

Answers to this exercise are available in this panel when you are logged /21439.txt to your Transum account. Log in Sign up.